2017 Battles on the Turf Tournament Rules


Battles on the Turf Tournament Rules


  • Coaches and Players

Coaches are not only responsible for their own conduct, but also for the conduct of their players, parents and spectators. Players and coaches ejected from a match (Red Card) must sit out the remainder of that match plus the next match. All red cards reported on the game card will be evaluated by the Tournament Committee for appropriate suspension. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to impose a two game suspension for violent misconduct or no game suspension for a professional foul. Players and coaches ejected for assault MUST AT LEAST sit the next two (2) tournament matches. Red cards issued after the end of regulation play or as a result of physical assault are subject to review by the Tournament Rules Committee and a more strenuous penalty may be imposed.

  • Others Spectators, parents and coaches may be ejected for unruly behavior.


  • General

The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of these rules shall be final and binding. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to this tournament.

  • Awards

First place trophies will be awarded to division winners; medals will be awarded to 2nd place.

  • Arrival

Teams should arrive at the scheduled field 10 minutes prior to game time to be checked in by the appropriate official. Teams may warm-up across the street at Quakertown Elementary.

  • Protests

No protests will be allowed.

  • Turf

Only coaches and players will be allowed on the turf. Parents and spectators are only allowed in the bleachers and outside of the turf field.

  • Forfeits

A team shall be allowed a 5-minute grace period after the scheduled kickoff in the preliminary rounds before the match is awarded to their opponent. A minimum of 3 players constitutes a team, and if 3 players are present the match may not be delayed. If during the course of the match a team falls below the minimum 3 players, the game will be forfeited to their opponent. A team that has forfeited a game may not advance to the finals. If an apparent group winner forfeits, the group team with the next best record will be declared the group winner. A forfeit in the preliminary rounds shall be awarded as 3 points for a win with the score 5-0.

  • Points

At the conclusion of the preliminary matches, each team will be ranked according to their performance. This ranking will determine the teams that will meet in the semi-final or the final matches. The ranking criteria are as follows: Win 3 points; Tie 1 point; Loss - 0 points; Win by forfeit 3 points. The team with the most match points finishes first. A match that has been cancelled by the Tournament Committee will be awarded a 0-0 tie. Teams are encouraged but

not required to not run up the score by more than 6 goals. However, if a team wins by more than 6 points, the score will be changed by the tournament committee to reduce the number of goals scored by the winning team to no more than 6 more than that of the losing team. The reduced amount will be used in tie-breaker calculation if needed.

  • Tiebreaker

In the event of a tie within a division, the following tiebreaker rules will be applied in order:

1. Winner of head-to-head competition

2. Least goals allowed during the preliminary matches

3. Goal differential.

4. Penalty kick shoot-out.

If 3 teams are tied for any position, the above process will be used, except head-to-head competition will be eliminated and the first tiebreaker will be least goals allowed.

  • Weather

Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear on the field of play as scheduled, ready to play unless notified by a member of the Tournament Committee. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match. Only the referee or the Tournament Committee can cancel or delay a match. In the event matches are cancelled by the Tournament Committee due to inclement weather, each head coach will receive an email.

  • Inclement Weather causing cancellation before the match Referee and/or the Tournament Committee may reduce the length of a match, and subsequent matches. If a match is cancelled the Tournament Committee will award a 0-0 tie.
  • Inclement Weather causing cancellation of the Tournament - Severe inclement weather could cause the shortening or cancellation of the tournament. In the event that some games have been played, the Tournament Committee will endeavor to determine standings based on the games played.