100 Juggles Club Awards - October, 2016
4 Players Earn 100 Juggles Scarf

At the QSC Club Meeting last night 4 players were inducted as members of the QSC 100 Juggles Club.  We congratulate them on their accomplishment.  Each Player appears below with their coach as well and a couple of Board Members.  Left to Right - Jim DiCara ('01 Young Guns Coach), Nathan Barkholz ('01 Young Guns), Kris Reiss (Travel Coordinator), Kevin Umanzor ('01 Young Guns), Jeffrey Geiser (President), Rylan Dauter (Predators), Eric Dauter (Predators Coach), Haley Bahry (White Tigers) and Eric Gerhart (White Tigers Coach).

Each Player received a Specially-Designed 100 Juggles Club Scarf for their efforts.