Tournament Rules

Sarah Parvin Soccerfest - Rules of play

I.                Game Details

A.       Game duration
1.     25 Minute Games (1 single period )

2.     Running Clock

3.     Games Start at the Top & Bottom of each hour

4.     Ref will start the clock on time.   Teams must be prepared to play. Games will be shortened to ensure proper start times.

5.     After the game, the winning team will take the scorecard to the scorekeeping tent.

6.     After the game, each team should have a representative report to the referee to validate and sign the scorecard. Any errors must be addressed with the referee immediately. If you choose not to sign the card immediately after the game, we will assume the information recorded, is accurate.

7.     A general scoreboard will not be maintained as this is considered a Festival.  All perticipants will be provided a memento for participating.

B.      Team Format

1.     Maximum of 11 players dressed for play.

2.     6v6 format (5 field players + keeper)

3.     U-9 through U12 will use a size 4 ball, U13 & up will use a size 5 ball

4.     No player may play for more than one team in the tournament for the duration of the event.

5.     Coed teams must have at least 2 girls on the field at all times.

C.      Equipment requirements

1.     Each team will be issued a tournament t-shirt that is used as their jersey for the event. We ask that each team wear these, in place of their club jerseys, to support the spirit of the event. We make sure that all teams in each division are issued a different color shirt, so there are no team conflicts.

2.     Each field will have colored pinneys available for goalies to wear. Goalies can wear their own goalie equipment if they have it, but pinneys are readily available.

3.     ALL youth teams are required to wear shinguards.   Any player failing to wear shinguards can not participate until they have the proper equipment.

4.     Adult teams (19-29 & O30) are highly encouraged to wear shinguards, but can play without if they choose.

5.     Soccer cleats are highly recommended.

6.     All Quakertown youth players, having braces, must wear mouthguards. We encourage all players, with braces, to wear mouth guards for the safety of themselves and the other players.

7.     All Quakertown youth players, wearing glasses, must wear sports goggles. We encourage all players, wearing glasses, to wear sports goggles for the safety of themselves and the other players.

II.               Rules of Play – Standard FIFA rules of play are followed, with the following exceptions:

A.     The home team (team listed first on schedule) will get the tap, and the visiting team will have the choice of goals to defend.

B.     There is no offsides rule in effect

C.     The ball may travel forward or backward on the tap.

D.    Player substitutions can be made, “on the fly”(at any time)

E.     The referee has the authority to send a player off the field(without issuing a card), in order to give them a cooling down period if play gets too aggressive. The player can return at any time, but will be issued a card if aggressive play continues.  

F.     The referee has the authority to ask any spectators to leave the area if, he feels, behavior is inappropriate.

G.     Cards
a.      Yellow – No action

b.     2nd Yellow in a single game - Red Card

c.     Red card - Sit remainder of that game, and the next scheduled game.

d.     Red card for violent conduct - Can not participate in the remainder of the event.

H.    NO PROTESTS will be entertained concerning the interpretation of the Laws of the Game by a referee


Weather & Refunds

·         In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee will have the authority to change games as follows:

·         Relocate or reschedule any game(s).

·         Change the duration of any game(s).

·         A game shall be considered official and the score will stand if the first half has been completed and the game is

          subsequently suspended due to weather conditions.

·         There will be no refunds in the event of any shortened or canceled game(s).  However if the tournament is cancelled

   prior to commencement Quakertown will refund teams less tournament costs at their discretion.

·         Also, no refund is available if you withdraw from the Tournament after your acceptance.

 *Quakertown Soccer Club reserves the right to remove any player and or spectator from the event for any reason*


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