Tournament Rules







·      Teams may consist of a maximum of 12 players for U9 and U10, a maximum of 16 players U11 and U12, and a maximum of 18 players U13-U18.

·      Players may play on only one team during the tournament.

·      Select and Premier teams are permitted to participate but may be required to play up one age group.

·      Age is determined as follows.


BORN         2018/19
1/1/01 thru 12/31/04  High School 
1/1/05 thru 12/31/05  U15 
1/1/06 thru 12/31/06  U14
1/1/07 thru 12/31/07  U13 
1/1/08 thru 12/31/08  U12 
1/1/09 thru 12/31/09  U11
1/1/10 thru 12/31/10  U10
1/1/11 thru 12/31/11  U9  





LAWS OF THE GAME - All USYSA rules apply except as noted below.



·      Coaches are required to have all player and coaches’ passes present during a scheduled game.

·      All uniforms must be numbered.

·      When uniform colors are similar, the designated home team will change colors. The home team is listed first on the schedule.

·      Teams and their supporters should take opposite sides of the field during games. No one will be allowed behind either end line.

·      U9, U10, U11, and U12 age groups will use size 4 balls. U13+ age groups will use size 5 balls.

·      Please Note: Referees will decide what “DANGEROUS EQUIPMENT” is. It is the Quakertown Soccer Club policy that Quakertown players who wear braces use a mouth guard. It is also policy that all Quakertown players who wear glasses for corrective vision wear sports goggles while playing soccer.  We highly recommend that all visiting teams follow this policy for their own safety and the safety of the other players.

·      COIN TOSS

Remember that field marshals will be conducting the coin toss before each game, to maintain the schedule. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SEEK OUT THE FIELD MARSHAL FOR THE FIELD WHERE YOU WILL BE PLAYING, at least 5-10 minutes before your game time, and get this done. Field marshals are located between fields 1 & 2, 4 &5, at field 3 and at field 6. Field Marshalls will be wearing Quakertown Soccer Club shirts.


·      Bracket games shall consist of two 25-minute halves (U9-U12) two 25-minute halves (U13 and up) with a 5-minute halftime and no overtime play. Time will be centrally controlled by a air horn to signal start of play, at halftime and end of game

·      Playoff games shall consist of two 25-minute halves (U9-U12) two 25-minute halves (U13 and up) with a 5-minute halftime. In case of a tie at the end of regulation time, two 5-minute sudden-death or golden goal overtime periods will be played. If the game is still tied at the end of both overtime periods, the winner shall be determined by penalty kicks (as per FIFA rules).

·      If necessary, game times will be shortened to accommodate scheduling.


·      A minimum of seven (7) players constitutes a team, and if seven (7) players are present, the referee will start the game.

·      If the required number of players, seven (7), is not present, the referee may allow a 5-minute grace period before summoning the game to begin. If seven players are not present after the grace period, a forfeit will be declared, resulting in a loss for the team not satisfying the player minimum and a win for its opponent.

·      A forfeit in the bracket games shall be considered a 1-0 loss (0 points) for the forfeiting team and a 1-0 win (3 points) for its opponent. For tie-breaking / seeding purposes, the score shall be set as the average of the goals scored by the winning team rounded up to the nearest whole number (ex. 1.3 or 1.8 = 2.0), against the average of the goals allowed by that team rounded down to the nearest whole number (ex. 1.3 or 1.8 = 1.0).

·      Any team that forfeits a game cannot play in playoff or championship games.


·      There will be no protests!



·      Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the game as well as the rules of the game.

·      It is expected that each team will participate in the customary handshake and exchange of patches or pins following the game.

·      Any player sent off (red card) from a game may not be replaced in that game and is also suspended from his/her team’s next game. A coach dismissed from a game must leave the complex, serve a one game suspension, and must be replaced by an assistant coach. The referee may obtain the pass after the suspension is served. This includes playoff games. Any parent dismissed from a game must leave the Quakertown Soccer complex. They may not stand in the parking lot or sit in their car on the complex.

·      Any player receiving a yellow card must leave the field until the next substitution. The player may be replaced. Two yellow cards for the same player any time during the tournament constitutes a red card. Therefore, if a player receives a yellow card in one game and then receives another yellow in a separate game, he may not play anymore in the game he received his second yellow, but may be replaced, and he cannot play in his team’s next game.



·      Standings will be determined using the following point system:

Win = 3 points; Tie = 1 point; Loss = 0 points;


Shutout with a win = 1 additional point


·      The bracket winner shall be that team having the most points after bracket play has ended.

·      In the event of a tie between two teams within a bracket or division, the following criteria shall be used to determine standings:

·      Head-to-head competition.

·      Goal differential with a maximum of 5 goals difference per game. Only a 5-goal difference will be recorded in the scorekeepers’ book and on the scoreboards. For example:


If the Score is:

The score for calculation purpose is:

And the goal differential is

6 - 0

5 - 0

Plus or minus 5

8 - 1

6 - 1

Plus or minus 5

4 - 2

4 - 2

Plus or minus 2

Given that the maximum differential possible is 5, coaches are urged
not to permit their players to needlessly run up scores, thereby humiliating the opposing team. If necessary, rearrange players or remove a player from the field.


·      Least total goals allowed.

·      Most goals scored with a maximum of 5 goals per game.

·      In the event of a tie between more than two teams, all teams will be subjected to the tie-breaking criteria, beginning with goal differential.




·                    Playoffs will be determined by the tournament committee based on the number of brackets and number of teams in each bracket.



·      In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee will have the authority to change games as follows:

·      Relocate or reschedule any game(s).

·      Change the duration of any game(s).

·      A game shall be considered official and the score will stand if the first half has been completed and the game is subsequently suspended due to weather conditions.

·      There will be no refunds in the event of any shortened or canceled game(s). However if the tournament is cancelled prior to commencement Quakertown will refund teams less tournament costs at their discretion.

·      Also, no refund is available if you withdraw from the Tournament after your acceptance.



Four guest players are allowed from any USYSA affiliated team. Guest players are allowed with the understanding that they are on the team as extra substitutions or to allow you to field a team, not for coaches to build “super” teams. Guest players must show properly authorized player passes, a copy of state organization or USYSA approved roster from their current team and a valid medical release form.




For your assistance, we will have a certified sports medicine trainer and/or emergency medical technician on site during the tournament. If you need the trainer’s services, ask any field marshal to contact the trainer for you. 




For your convenience, field numbers are fastened to the back of all goals facing the parking lots. Fields are also numbered on the map enclosed of the tournament grounds.




If emergency situations arise, such as the need to delay or shorten games or clear the fields because of bad weather or lightning, we will make an announcement over the PA system. In addition, we will also provide the information to our field marshalsvia walkie-talkie, so that they will also be able to give you instructions and information.

If you leave the field and need to find out about any changes or if you need to contact tournament personnel, you may call the Quakertown Soccer Club phone number: 215-536-3925. Either someone will be on hand to answer the phone, or you can select "Tournament Information" to get a taped message.


Information will also be updated on the club’s website as quickly as possible.



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