Travel Soccer Information and FAQ's


The mission of the QSC Travel Soccer program is to provide high quality player development with proven and consistent coaching to build competitive players and teams. Our players will learn the value of dedication, hard work, and practice, and how that translates to the rewards and enjoyment of success.

Travel Program Highlights:

The goal of the QSC Travel Program is to develop all players from the youngest age groups (playing a 7 v 7 format) and build towards creating competitive teams to play at a high level in the 11 v 11 format.

1)    Offered for boys and girls from the 9 and under through 18 and under age groups

2)    Multiple teams are provided in each age group when interest and coaching staff supports 

3)    Player Development is supported by at least two practices per week through summer and fall, and expected individual practice at home.  Additional training is also provided in the Winter and Spring.  

4)    Development focus is on the four fundamental components: technique, tactics, physical, and psycho-social.

5)    Coach Development is provided through EPYSA and NSCAA approved training and mentoring, and expected to progress with higher age groups.

6)    Compete in EPYSA approved leagues and tournaments.  Some overnight tournaments can be expected.

7)    Ultimately foster a sense of sportsmanship, instill the values of a team, and develop a passion for the game of soccer.

Quakertown Travel Soccer Information

Quakertown Soccer Club is geared toward establishing an environment for successful learning and implementation of soccer. We strive to have the children of our community enjoy their time at QSC, acquiring skills such as teamwork, leadership, improved athleticism and perseverance. Soccer at QSC is meant to be fun, yet competitive. Teams are formed to develop successful soccer players, not necessarily win. Players are taught skills which may take a few years to develop on the field, ultimately creating a winning atmosphere as players move through their pre-teen and teenage years.

The Travel season will begin with practices in July/August, followed by league games from September to November, followed by various indoor tournaments practices in the Winter, and concluding with the annual Quakertown Spring Tournament in April.

Please note that travel soccer does not necessarily mean traveling great distances. The majority of our games are within 30-45 minutes of Quakertown and are played on weekends.

Travel teams are available from ages 9 and under through High School, male and female.

Tryout Dates and Times

Information on Tryout Dates, Times and Age Groups are listed under Tryouts tab on the left.

Travel Fees

The fee for playing is based on the number of Children from a family playing on a Travel Team(s)

1 to 3 children – $335 each 
No Charge for each child more than 3 from a family on a Travel Team.


The cost of playing includes a QSC uniform every two years.  The uniform is part of a quality soccer kit (Primary and Alternate Jerseys, Shorts, and Socks).  Players receive one jersey every year.  Warm-up gear and bags are also available at a reduced price.  Individual Age Group Teams may purchase additional materials and spirit wear (Sweat Suits, Soccer Bags, etc) at a reduced cost through our select vendor.

Game Costs

Referee Fees and League Fees (Primary season only) as well as team insurance are all built into the basic QSC Travel Fee.  Training with a professional trainer is also provided as part of the fee.  Additional costs for Tournaments and Indoor play are the responsibility of the individual teams through parental contributions and team fundraising.

Financial Aid

There are Financial Aid packages for those who qualify. Payment options exist for those who need it. Please click on the Financial Aid Link to the left for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of commitment is involved? - Travel soccer requires a much bigger commitment than our recreational soccer program.  Players are expected to have travel soccer be their primary sports commitment in the Fall.  Although travel soccer will extend into the Winter and Spring, the commitment level is decreased and children are encouraged to participate in other sports and activities.   

How expensive is Travel Soccer?- Travel soccer at QSC costs $335 per year.  This fee covers a new uniform every two years, up to 10 sessions per year with professional trainers, and league fees.

How far do the teams ‘travel’? - Most teams travel to AWAY games anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes from Quakertown. Teams play half of their games at HOME on the QSC Campus and the other half AWAY. Parents may carpool as necessary to save on costs and to ensure all players can make it to the games.

How long is the Travel Season?  Practice normally begins in July or August with the primary ’season’ running from September through November.  Many teams also participate in select weekend tournaments in the Fall.  Teams also may play Indoor from December to March and the club allocates practice space at one of the Quakertown Schools through the winter for each team.  Some teams also elect to participate in a Spring League and/or Spring Tournaments. 
How often do teams practice?  Teams are assigned two nights per week to practice.  Each session is 90 minutes from either 6:00-7:30pm or 7:30-9:00pm.  Coaches work with their teams to devise the ’best’ nights for practice.
When are games?  Most of the U14 and under teams play games on Saturdays, usually once per week.  Older teams play on Sundays.  The usual format is a 10-game schedule with 1 game per week.  There may be times when two games occur in a week, but this is infrequent.  Saturday games can begin as early as 9am and go as late as 3-4 pm, though most are in the morning.  Sunday games, except for the older groups, begin after Noon. 
Do teams play in Tournaments?  During the Fall Season, most leagues are off for Columbus Day Weekend.  This is normally a big tournament weekend and many teams participate in a local or regional tournament.  Most teams elect to participate in pre-season tournaments in August and/or end of the season tournaments in November.  In the Winter, Indoor tournaments are also available, including our own club sponsored tournament held at the Quakertown Senior High School.  Some teams participate in tournaments in the Spring, including State Cups.  The kids generally love tournaments, the parents have a great time getting to know each other, and it is a great way for the teams to see different competition.
When are tryouts? - Tryouts are held in April and/or May.  Schedules will be posted on our website.  

Where should I go on my first tryout date?– Please report to the QSC Clubhouse at your tryout date and time to sign-in and obtain your Tryout Number.

What should my child wear to tryouts?– All players must wear shin guards and please bring a water bottle.

How Many Tryouts must my child attend? – All players should try to attend all scheduled tryouts, especially if they are a not on a current team.  A minimum of two tryouts should be attended to be considered for a team, but all players are strongly encouraged to participate in all.  

Will Tryouts be conducted in the Rain? – Assume that tryouts will be conducted unless it is raining heavily. If tryouts should be postponed due to inclement weather, please check our website for postponement information. 

Are players guaranteed spots based on current rosters? – No, all current QSC players as well as non-QSC players must tryout each year. Players will progress at different rates over time which necessitates the need to evaluate players each year. 

How are players evaluated? – All players are rated by the coaches as well as raters (if available) from the club.  Most tryouts have this format. Teams are selected based on player technical ability (dribbling, ball control, passing, shooting), general fitness, and coachability

May additional tryout dates may be added? – This is determined by the individual coach. Please continue to check this web site for updates or contact the coach directly.

How are teams selected?  Upon conclusion of all tryouts for an age group, the Head Coach will determine, with input from the raters and Assistant Coach(es), which players have the requisite skills to play at that age group at the time. All rosters are approved by the Travel Coordinator, but the coach(es) viewpoint based on the observation of tryouts accounts for the vast majority of the evaluation. If a player(s) have to be cut due to roster limitations, they will be notified first via phone call from the Head Coach. If the coach cannot reach the parent, they will resort to e-mail.

Are their volunteer requirements? - Quakertown Soccer Club is a volunteer led organization.  Each team is required to have two positions filled by parents: Team Administrator and Facilities Liaison. The Administrator handles coordinating all volunteer activities (e.g. Snack Stand and/or Fundraising) for the squad. The facilities liaison will work with the club facilities manager to ensure field and facility tasks (e.g. field creation and line maintenance). Also, each team is required to man the snack stand as directed by the Snack Stand Committee. Parents are all encouraged to attend the monthly club meeting as to assist in the direction and growth of the club. Each team is required to have one attendee at the monthly club meeting which is held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Parents are also expected to work the QSC sponsored tournaments.  In return, entry fees are reduced for the indoor Winter Tournaments.

QUESTIONS/CONCERNS - Please contact Eric Dauter at



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